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10 Essential Travel Apps for iPhone and iPad

 By Jennifer Allen

1. YPlan (Free): 
In a new city and want to find a fun event to go to tonight? YPlan has got your back. Currently available in New York, San Francisco, and London, it offers a curated shortlist of the best events near you, with booking a ticket taking mere seconds to accomplish. You should never be bored again.

2. Yelp (Free): 
Providing you with over 50 million reviews on businesses across the world, Yelp will tell you where the best bars, restaurants, and shops are, no matter where you are on the planet. Establishment details, as well as detailed search filters means you never need to feel lost either.

3. Trip Splitter ($1.99): 
Traveling with friends and want to keep track of who owes what? Trip Splitter makes it exceptionally easy, allowing you to quickly split bills and keep a tab on what everyone owes. It should save plenty of arguments, plus ensures you always know how your finances are faring.

4. TripIt (Free): 
TripIt organizes everything to do with your travel plans, such as hotel details, airline plans, car rental confirmation, and restaurant bookings. All in one place, it’s easy to track where you’re meant to be, where you’re meant to go, and what the plan is for tomorrow.

5. PackPoint (Free):
 No one likes packing. PackPoint takes a lot of the thinking out of the process. Simply tell it where you’re going, a reason why you’re going, as well as when, and the app makes some handy suggestions as to what you should be taking with you. Effortlessly simple.

6. Lyft (Free): 
A more casual alternative to the mighty Uber, Lyft serves travelers and backpackers well, offering you a taxi ride of sorts from a local, who’s more likely to keep you informed about stuff happening nearby. Drivers are background checked and it’s easy to rate them, meaning you should always know what you’re getting.

7. Kayak (Free): 
Making it easy for you to search for hotels, flights, and car rentals, all from one place, Kayak is an essential app. You can easily track down the best prices for everything and you can even keep an eye on whether your flight is on time. Reviews complement the service.

8. HotelTonight (Free):
 Geared towards those who don’t like to plan too far ahead, HotelTonight offers plenty of last-minute deals on hotel rooms. That means they’re frequently a lot cheaper than planning ahead, plus they’re ideal for those who prefer flexibility. Themed recommendations complete the package.

9. Hipmunk Travel (Free): 
A price comparison app, Hipmunk enables you to easily compare the top travel sites in order to find the best hotel and flight deals out there. It promises big savings and a speedy way in which to browse. It also offers a very handy ‘agony’ meter for flights, showing you how to minimize layovers and time.

10. Citymapper (Free): 
Working across numerous major cities including, but not limited to, New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington DC, London, Paris, and Barcelona, Citymapper deciphers the transit systems so you don’t have to. Besides offering trip planning, it provides real-time departure info and a heads up for on-line statuses and possible disruptions.